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Speaking Topics: Mario Arnauz Bonds

  • Putting The Odds in Your Favor: Choosing to Overcome Adversity
  • With experience motivating himself to see outside the world of adversity he lived in, Bonds discusses how to see setbacks as a force to propel forward. He inspires audiences that though circumstances may be difficult, they don’t have to stay that way.

  • Without Sight but Full of Vision: A Message from Mario's Childhood Memoir
  • An in depth lecture on Bonds’ childhood memoir, which depicts his triumphs over abuse, abandonment and adjusting to, and ultimately accepting going totally blind.

  • What Disability?: Redefining What it Means to be Disabled
  • Bonds motivates audiences with this presentation on independence, hard work and success, despite a visual impairment. People frequently say that although Bonds is totally blind, he can “do everything but drive.” This compelling presentation explains why.

  • Box of Life's Chocolates: Diversity, Equal Access & Inclusion
  • For Corporate audiences, Bonds teaches on the importance of diversity and inclusion for persons with disabilities, and from varied backgrounds. He discusses technology, social ediquette, employment and more.

  • From Victim to Survivor (abuse/assault): Ways to Reclaim Your Power
  • Bonds offers audiences an in depth look into the emotional, physical and sexual abuse he experienced as a child and teenager. With this presentation of survival, he inspires audiences to not let their “yesterday” conquer “today.” He illustrates methods he use to heal and move forward.

  • World of Assistive Technology: A Blind Man's Virtual Life
  • Bonds takes audiences into the world of technology used by the blind. From surfing the web, word processing, reading recipes, to editing his own videos and more, Bonds has a greater sense of independence, thanks to talking computers and phones.

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