Entertainment: Live Performance Requests & Original Music Downloads

Live in concert, here's Mario's touch on Katie Perry's inspirational hit, Fireworks:

See Mario move a crowd of 3,000 in this emotional performance of the Broadway hit, "This is The Moment."

Here's the David Foster classic, "The Prayer"

Mario performs an inspiring version of Fantasia's broadway hit, I'm Here: :

Here's a high energy performance as Mario delivers music by Rihanna:

Live in concert, Mario performs his original tune, an inspiring pop-ballad called Despite:

To check Mario's availability to entertain at your event, please contact Paul Kreiter at [email protected], or call 617.614.1642.

Download Music by Mario Arnauz Bonds

Click on any of the links below to download original music releases by Mario Arnauz Bonds.

Despite (Mario's Theme)

Did someone tell you that your dreams were impossible? Did someone ever make you feel like you weren't worth a thing? They were wrong. This song tells you to raise your head high despite the obstacles and people in your way. It's an autobiographical song from Mario that has become his theme.


I Need You

This cross-genre pop hit will make you think and recall everything about the ones you love. Whether friend or significant other, this soft country-pop ballad
will celebrate them.


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